Frequently Asked Questions

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The black dots in the powder of the isotonic drink is non-acidic natural flavoring. This is how your isotonic sports drink gets that delicious fresh orange flavor without burdening your stomach.

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Leucine helps to restore your muscles and build up your condition after small, non-strenuous efforts. A recovery shake is to fully recover after a longer, more intensive effort.

Pro-Elite Recovery is best for when you “went deep”, like after long trainings, competitions / major challenges. It delivers the ultimate full recovery package of vitamins, minerals, muscle-building ingredients… Leucine, on the other hand, is best for shorter efforts of less than two hours where you may not have “gone deep”. This is because Leucine is only for muscle recovery and building.


The composition of your products already contains the best ingredients in their correct proportions for optimal absorption. Extra scoops for an extra effect will not work. What an extra scoop will do, though, is intensify its flavor only.