How do you recognize a perfect energy bar for cyclists and endurance athletes?

While there may be a million energy bars to choose from, choosing the one that works best for you is simpler than you think! Just follow these tips below and you’ll be an energy bar expert in no time.

1. What will you use it for?

Energy bars basically fall into two categories: quick energy and slow energy. Both can work well for you, when used at the right time.

1. Quick energy: energizes you for 30-40-minutes

  • Ideal for during exercise
  • Delivers continuous energy for a 30-40 min block

2. Slow energy: energizes you for two hours

  • Perfect to eat at the beginning of a long effort – provides a solid energy foundation for first two hours
  • As it is slow release, it allows your body to first use its most readily available energy for successfully extending your efforts
  • Ideal for use during multi-hour workouts where you’ll need to provide the body with calories and nutrients along the way
  • Perfect for changing it up when you get tired of your usual long workout foods
  • Healthy snack or for before the start of a workout or competition

2.Choose an energy bar that’s high in carbohydrates

Since you eat an energy bar to get energy, it better be high in carbohydrates as that’s the body’s preferred source of energy. High means anything over 25 grams of carbohydrates for an average size energy bar weighing 30-50 grams.

Its fat content is also important as fat slows down energy intake and puts a strain on your stomach. Anything up to 1 gram max of fat per average size bar is acceptable. The lower the fat, the better.

3. Choose an energy bar that’s tasty and doesn’t stick

The energy bar must be tasty to do its job. If you’re not motivated to eat it, then naturally it won’t work! As taste varies from person to person, it’s best to test a bar out before committing to a case of them – and certainly before the big event. At Neapharma, you can buy one individual bar or gel to first try it out to make sure that it inspires you to eat it – and to confirm that it goes down easy without sticking to your mouth.