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At Neapharma, we combine our superior sports nutrition with our own Fuel Plan App.

Experience the unfair advantage of combining 6 carbohydrates during your workouts! Personalize your sports nutrition to suit yourself and feel minimal fatigue with maximum strength and endurance, thanks to Top Performance Coach Kristof De Kegel.

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“Met deze producten en de app krijg je coaching zoals ik die geef aan Mathieu en andere profatleten.”

Kristof De Kegel

Performance Manager Alpecin-Deceuninck

Rating: 5/5

What makes Neapharma unique?

Top coach and international Performance Manager Kristof De Kegel is behind the Neapharma products and the Fuel Plan App.

As the only brand in the world, we combine 6 different carbohydrates for a noticeable effect. It is a new method to quickly, completely, and without energy dips, access your maximum strength and endurance during exercise.

Kristof De Kegel developed a new strategy suggesting that when you combine the right sources of carbohydrates at the right time, you can process up to 35% more energy. The key is to alternate between 6 different carbohydrates in the right proportions. Since 2023, all Neapharma products have been adjusted to make us the only brand in the world where this strategy works.

You can use each Neapharma product individually: an energy gel, recovery shake, or isotonic drink. Alternatively, you can personalize your sports nutrition with Kristof De Kegel’s Fuel Plan App.

Based on your energy consumption, temperature, sweat profile, and 28 other parameters, you can personalize your isotonic drink and carbohydrate intake with the assistance of our free Fuel Plan App.

Neapharma combines science with the expertise of Top Performance coach Kristof De Kegel. The products feature ultra-high concentrations with the highest quality ingredients for a noticeable effect. Initially, the key ingredients are absorbed in the most optimal ratios for maximum impact.

We exclusively use the finest ingredients: creatine from Germany, European grains, and proteins from Switzerland. The development, production, and distribution of our products take place in Belgium.

We do not add extra acids or flavorings. As a result, our products are pH-neutral. This means you get a maximum effect without burdening your stomach or intestines. Particularly suitable for individuals with sensitive digestion or athletes looking to perform for several consecutive hours!

If you have a strong stomach and don’t mind? Well, a neutral pH is not only good for your stomach, intestines, and teeth, but it also ensures a faster and complete absorption of nutrients. So, it’s not just beneficial for your digestion, but it also boosts your performance!



Personalize every hour

Use the unbeatable Pro isotonic sports drink and add Pro hydro & O.R.S. and Pro Elite Carb Max sticks to personalize your mineral and carbohydrate intake.

Gain an unfair advantage in endurance through the combination of 6 different carbohydrates. The free Fuel Plan App helps you tailor your recipe to your needs.

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Kristof De Kegel

De wielercoach van het moment in jouw achterzak!


Kristof De Kegel, the Head of Performance at the renowned cycling team Alpecin-Deceuninck and the women’s team Fenix-Deceuninck, is also the passionate exercise physiologist behind the innovative Neapharma products. The list of athletes includes names like Mathieu van Der Poel, Wout Van Aert, Puck Pieterse, and Stijn De Volder.

Together with sports dietitian Kjell De Potter, Kristof constantly strives for the ultimate support of athletes through the development and testing of cutting-edge supplements and their application. Kristof & Kjell are also the developers of the Free Fuel Plan App, where athletes can create their own sports nutrition plan by combining 6 carbohydrates.

This app enables athletes to create their personalized sports nutrition plan. By integrating smart combinations of 6 different carbohydrates, the plan offers an unparalleled advantage: an astonishing increase of up to 40% more energy and minimal decline in strength and endurance during exercise.

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Free Fuel Plan App

At Neapharma, we combine our superior sports nutrition with our own Fuel Plan App. Use the same tools as the pros thanks to coach & Performance Manager Kristof De Kegel.

Who is Neapharma?

Kristof De Kegel

Internationally acclaimed for his work with the cycling team Alpecin-Deceuninck and co-founder of Neapharma.

As Head of Performance, he is responsible for all innovations and advancements in training, nutrition, equipment, and methods of operation. Kristof is also a co-founder of Neapharma and is behind the development, testing, and optimization of all products. In the Fuel Plan App, Kristof’s Excel files from the pros and the experience of Kjell De Potter come together seamlessly.

Kjell De Potter

Scientist, recognized (sports) dietitian, and the silent force behind many top sports performances & Co-founder of Neapharma.

Kjell is also the most sports-oriented of the three. Yearly, he secures at least 15 victories in amateur cycling competitions! As a sports dietitian, Kjell guides various professional and recreational athletes in different disciplines. As a co-founder of Neapharma, he is often working to fine-tune new products and optimize existing formulas.

olivier van baeveghem

Olivier Van Baeveghem

Operational manager, sports nutrition expert, and a fan of honest communication & Co-founder of Neapharma.

Call out a product, and he’ll fire off all the ingredients, composition, and figures. Olivier ensures that all the expertise and experience of the team translate into tangible effects in the products to propel you forward as an athlete. As a Zwifter, you might come across him under the name ‘Neapharma Nutrition’; feel free to join his wheel in the flat sections, but keeping up uphill is not for everyone!

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