Superior sports nutrition

Each of our Neapharma products is uniquely designed to deliver tangible results that you can feel. Scientifically formulated based on the latest research and fine-tuned by our top professional athletes, Neapharma helps you to perform better, recover faster, feel more focused and energetic. We use the highest quality ingredients – in high quantities – for maximum benefit. NO COMPROMISE!

For and by athletes

Our products are highly concentrated in key ingredients, with neutral pH. Intended for athletes who strongly prioritize both performance and health.

Ultra-high concentrations of key ingredients for improved performance that you can feel. NO COMPROMISE – no matter the cost!

The most important ingredients are absorbed first, in the correct ratio for maximum effect.

We always work with the highest quality. Creatine from Germany, European grains, proteins from Switzerland and Belgian processing.

The concentrations of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins correspond to the maximum absorbable amount (per hour), so you are always guaranteed optimal support for your body.

We do not add any additional acids or flavorings, unlike many other brands. As a result, we get a neutral pH. This means that you get the maximum impact of each product, without stressing your stomach and intestines. Our products are extremely suitable for people with sensitive intestines or stomachs.

Our bestsellers

In addition to using high quality ingredients for tangible results, we ensured that all our products are very tasty – to make you crave your next bar, gel or sip of your isotonic and recovery shakes. All our products go down easily!