Smart Muscle Recovery: Leucine

Leucine is the perfect instrument to recover and build up your muscles. In addition, with regular use (starting at the 3-week mark), you’ll enjoy an extra boost to your fitness level. It’s the ideal way to recover and build muscle after shorter, less strenuous workouts of under two hours. Leucine should not be confused with creatine. Contrary to creatine, leucine is a substance found in the body so you can keep taking it without it losing its efficacy.

Perfect for shorter workouts

Many commercial brands choose not to include enough leucine in their recovery shake because it is by far the most expensive ingredient. This is indeed a pity as it is the perfect tool for muscle recovery and rebuilding. Our Pro-Elite Recovery shake is the absolute Royce Rolls among recovery shakes. It delivers the total recovery package: minerals, vitamins, salts, antioxidants, proteins, muscle recovery ingredients… a slight overkill for a 1 ½ hour bike ride, though.

Hence, for efforts of less than two hours we created Leucine separately in capsule form. It is of course not a total recovery pill like our Pro-Elite Recovery shake, but it is totally ideal for recovery after short, non-intensive efforts.

What is Leucine?

BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) were labeled as superfoods a while back. They got this label because the three BCAA’s of L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine account for roughly 40% of the amino acid content in muscles. But this label was not entirely accurate. Actually, only leucine and isoleucine have the ability to help your body with muscle building and muscle recovery after exercise. Leucine is also responsible for switching on protein synthesis to build, maintain and repair weak or damaged muscles.

Take in pure form

L-leucine is also one of the nine essential amino acids, which means it must be obtained through your diet. While leucine can be found in various food sources, it is most effective when taken in its pure form.

Neapharma’s Pro-Leucine capsules contain 1g of pure leucine per capsule, which makes it easy to calculate. Taking extra leucine alongside your Pro-Elite recovery shake is not necessary and will have little extra effect as there is already enough leucine and isoleucine present in the shake itself. You can easily calculate the amount of leucine you need after your effort based on the sport, intensity and duration. After a while, you’ll be able to feel and estimate your ideal amount.

When to take leucine

While taking Leucine right after exercise or before bed helps damaged muscles recover faster and lessens soreness, you can also supplement with it before or during exercise. This will minimize muscle breakdown for energy. It will also reduce muscle fatigue during exercise as well as minimize muscle damage afterwards.

Excellent and smart recovery for athletes

Pro-Leucine with 120 capsules

The best recovery for active bodies