Pro Leucine


  • 100% L-Leucine for the smartest possible muscle recovery
  • Most essential BCAA for getting the most out of workouts
  • Ideal muscle recovery and condition building for efforts <2 hours
  • Switches ON protein synthesis to build, maintain, repair muscles
  • Optimally supports growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • 1 gram pure Leucine per tablet (120 total) for accurate dosing

Pro-Leucine is comprised of pure L-Leucine, which is incredibly effective in recovering AND building muscle mass for improved strength and conditioning. It works extremely well for both endurance athletes and strength athletes. While taking Leucine right after exercise helps damaged muscles recover faster and lessens soreness after short, non-strenuous efforts, you can also supplement with it before or during exercise. This will minimize muscle breakdown for energy. It will also reduce muscle fatigue during exercise as well as minimize muscle damage afterwards. With daily use (starting at the 3-week mark), you’ll enjoy an extra boost to your fitness level.

NOTE: For full recovery after long, strenuous efforts, it is best to instead opt for our Pro-Elite Recovery shake which contains 6 grams of L-Leucine, as well as all other vital proteins and nutrients for full recovery. As it can be expensive as well as an overkill to take a recovery shake after the shorter, less strenuous efforts, we created L-Leucine in pill form.


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