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Ultra professional recovery shake with the best possible composition to recover and build endurance.

  • 58 grams of high-quality proteins for effective muscle recovery and muscle building.
    • 3 high-dose amino acids for muscle reconstruction and improvement of endurance.
    • 35 grams of isolate.
    • 6 grams of leucine, 3 grams of isoleucine, and 3 grams of valine (branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs).

  • Neapharma’s patented Nutrient Mix for extreme effectiveness.
  • 6 crucial vitamins and minerals.
  • Mix of antioxidants for a strong immune system and optimal health.
  • Energy-providing carbohydrates for a faster recovery process.
  • Neutral pH for smooth absorption and digestion.
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beste herstel in vergelijking met andere. Heb er de beste ervaring mee; lijkt probleemloos opgenomen te worden ondanks grote hoeveelheid eiwitten.

Steve Vits

Rating: 5/5

geverifieerde koper

This innovative recovery shake was developed in consultation with coaches like Kristof De Kegel and athletes like Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel. Thanks to our special patented nutrient mix, this shake is undoubtedly the best you can find for a quick and complete recovery. With its high effectiveness and optimal absorption, you can be sure that you will feel fresh and ready for your next training session in no time. The refreshing taste ensures that the shake goes down smoothly.

  • 58 grams of protein 80%
    58 grams of protein 80%
  • 100% muscle building with double-buffered creatine 100%
    100% muscle building with double-buffered creatine 100%
  • 100% Recovery for the entire body and building endurance. 100%
    100% Recovery for the entire body and building endurance. 100%

1. Ultra-high dose of high-quality proteins for recovery and muscle building

With no less than 58g of high-quality proteins, the Pro-Elite Recovery is a true powerhouse for recovering and building your muscles. We combine 35 grams of the most potent proteins (isolate) with BCAAs containing 6g of leucine, 3g of isoleucine, and 3g of valine. This shake fully restores your body, resulting in optimal muscle (re)building, more strength, and better endurance. And you can feel the difference!

2. A complete package of nutrients for endurance building

The 6 different minerals, antioxidants, and our own Pro-Elite Recovery mix with restorative ingredients provide your body with complete recovery. All the nutrients consumed or lost during the training are fully replenished within 30 minutes! You’ll soon feel completely fit again, and your fluid balance will be back in equilibrium. Moreover, the vitamins give you an extra energy boost that you will clearly feel. With regular use, you can expect a noticeably better endurance, more strength, and greater stamina.

3. Neutral pH and double-buffered creatine for complete absorption and smooth digestion

With the Pro-Elite Recovery shake, we have achieved the gold standard: a completely neutral pH. This not only proves that no additional flavorings or acids were added but also provides a drink that is incredibly easy to digest – even after your most intense efforts. The substances in the shake are absorbed much faster due to the composition and neutral pH, making the effect more pronounced and noticeable. Therefore, the Pro-Elite Recovery shake is also perfect for athletes with a sensitive stomach.

Double-buffered creatine ensures that every creatine particle in your blood is absorbed, resulting in improved muscle building and greater endurance.

How to use

Kristof: This shake is best consumed immediately after the exercise. The first half-hour after exertion is when the body and muscle cells most easily absorb nutrients. Mix the shake with water or a type of milk of your choice – this can also include plant-based options such as soy, coconut, almond, or oat milk, etc. This is the ideal shake for recovery, thanks to its high nutrient density, including high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals – all in their most absorbable forms.


We have already demonstrated several times through comparative studies that our Pro Elite Recovery, when used regularly, leads to an increase of 15 to 20 watts in your FTP. This is not just a claim. Recovery is faster, but we also focus on building the endurance athletes’ fitness with this shake. No one else does this because they are afraid of not appealing to the fitness industry. For endurance athletes, it’s quite straightforward; Neapharma’s Pro Elite Recovery is simply unmatched in terms of effectiveness!

– Kristof De Kegel (Performance Manager Alpecin Deceuninck)

For Leucine, you can take 4 to 8 capsules immediately after short, non-intensive training sessions, depending on the effort. Use Pro-Elite Recovery after races or significant challenges where more extensive and deeper recovery is needed.

1 serving: mix 3 scoops (3 x 40 g = 120 g) with 500 ml of liquid of your choice within 30 minutes after the training or competition for optimal effect.

Ingredients: maize starch; whey protein isolate (contains milk, emulsifier: soy lecithin); maltodextrin; BCAA (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, sunflower lecithin); L-glutamine; L-citrulline malate; colorants: beta-carotene, beetroot red; L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate; beta-alanine; Crea-Trona® double-buffered creatine monohydrate; sodium chloride; monopotassium phosphate


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Vitamin B1
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C

0,46 mg
1,04 μg
0,58 mg
0,58 mg
33,33 mg


0,55 mg
1,25 μg
0,70 mg
0,70 mg
40,00 mg



858,96 mg
416,68 mg
614,94 mg
274,17 mg
4,42 mg


1030,75 mg
500,01 mg
737,92 mg
329,00 mg
5,30 mg


Rating: 5/5
Based on over 280 recent reviews, customers give us an average rating of 9.2 out of 10.
geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“Voelbaar sneller herstel en opbouw.”

“De recuperatie na mijn trainingen is vele malen beter. Hierdoor heb voor het eerst in een marathon voorbereiding geen enkele last van spiermoeheid of stramme of overbelaste spieren en pezen. Mis wel een carboloader in het assortiment.”

Jessy van Damme

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“De werking en het resultaat is de grootste troef.”

“de werking en het resultaat is de grootste troef. ik wissel de leucine en de recovery met elkaar af na m'n trainingen en voel echt toename aan kracht. Iets wat ik eigenlijk anders nooit voel bij herstel producten.”

Michiel Nijs

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“Ik voel een betere conditie hierdoor.”

“Ik merk het grootste verschil bij conditie opbouw en vooral spier herstel zodat ik sneller groei in kracht. Zowel tevreden van de proteïne bars, leucine en recovery. Ik gebruik hun herstelwijzer op de site om m'n herstel te kiezen.”

Roger Leenders

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“The Recovery will always be a winner!”

“In my early years at Veranda Willems Cycling Team, I got to know the products of Neapharma. The creators were open to feedback, and together, we made some small adjustments to the recovery products. The Recovery will always be a winner!”

Wout Van Aert , Professional cyclist.

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Quick digestion.”

Jani , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Delivers what is expected, excellent quality products.”

Lucas , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“The effectiveness of the products.”

Robin , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5
“The recovery after my training sessions is much better. As a result, for the first time in a marathon preparation, I have not experienced any muscle fatigue or stiffness in muscles and tendons.”

Kevin De Rycke , Triathlon.

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5
“Building up condition, especially muscle recovery, so I can continue faster without problems.”

Roger , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5
“High dosage of everything., and thats what you feel!”

Tom , Triathlon

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Rating: 5/5
“doeltreffend en smaak”

Wendy , Wielrennen

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Rating: 5/5
“Je voelt als het ware dat ze werken. De meeste zijn ook zeer lekker.”

Olivier , Triatlon

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Good taste and doesn't stick.”

Mario , Cycling

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Rating: 5/5
“De vertering en smaak van de producten”

Jim , Triatlon

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Rating: 5/5
“If you use an other product, stop. Give this a try.”

Eric , Triatlon

9.2 Customers score us

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Can I track the delivery of my order?
We collaborate with bpost as our distribution partner. Once your parcel details are shared with bpost, you will receive an email with a track & trace code, allowing you to track your order.
When do I use a Recovery shake?

You are best off using the Pro Elite Recovery after your intense workouts. It is not necessary on a daily basis. For very short, intense workouts (lasting less than 1 hour) or light workouts, it's better to opt for the Pro Leucine because a full recovery shake is not necessary in those cases.

What is the orange color that can sometimes remain in my water bottle with an isotonic drink?
Good question! Because out of ignorance, you might think it's a dye. But we don't use dyes.... So indeed, strange. One of the substances that helps carbohydrates be absorbed faster (our isotonic is absorbed the fastest of all isotonic drinks) is beta-carotene. It is also found in carrots and is 100% a natural product. If you put spaghetti sauce in a jar, sometimes there is also an orange hue left behind, that is due to beta-carotene, the carrot. We use it as a carrier to speed up the absorption of our substances by the body, but it does leave a color. But it's 100% natural, 100% harmless.
What is Pro Leucine? is it related to BCAAs ?

Indeed, the Pro Leucine has a similar effect to BCAAs. BCAAs, in fact, are a blend of Leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Full Explanation

Pro-Leucine does indeed have a similar effect to BCAAs. The latter are a mixture of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is just one of the three BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), but it is the most potent among them (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). It contributes to significant muscle strength, stimulates protein synthesis, and is essential for building, preserving, and repairing weakened or damaged muscles. Additionally, both leucine and isoleucine assist your body in muscle building and recovery after exertion. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a supplement with pure leucine if you want to enhance recovery and muscle growth. Furthermore, leucine also promotes increased strength, which is not the case for isoleucine and valine. Leucine is most effective when taken in its pure form.
How fast do you deliver the package?
All orders placed before 5 PM will be delivered the next day. We collaborate with bpost as our distribution partner. Once your parcel details are shared with bpost, you will receive an email with a track & trace code, allowing you to track your order. Please note that orders for the Netherlands, Germany, and France may be delivered one day later.
How can I build endurance after a workout?
Of course, various factors play a role in this. Duration, intensity, sequence, ... but nutrition and recovery also play a crucial role:
  • Building endurance starts during the training; drink enough: a dehydrated body can convert up to 25% less endurance building from a workout.
  • Afterward: Everything is proportional: short workouts versus long workouts. For short workouts, effective endurance building is possible. Then we use Pro Leucine: focus on muscle recovery and building. For long workouts, we aim for complete recovery with Pro Elite Recovery. You can find more information and details on the detail page.
How to get a personalised Fuel plan
At Neapharma, we combine our superior sports nutrition with our own free Fuel Plan App. Utilize the same tools as the professionals, thanks to coach & Performance Manager Kristof De Kegel. The app generates a personalized nutrition plan in seconds. The nutrition plan tells you hour by hour and kilometer by kilometer what you should eat and drink, entirely tailored to yourself and your goals. Thus, your nutrition plan will look entirely different when you go for a training ride or attempt to break a personal best. This app is also suitable for competitive cyclists.
What is your connection with Wout van Aert?
We collaborated extensively with Wout when he rode for various Belgian teams. Together with his former Sniper Team, we refined the composition of our bars and gels. Wout was particularly involved in formulating the Pro-Elite Recovery Shake. His contribution ensured that you won't retain moisture despite all the proteins, minerals, and vitamins – a crucial feature in a recovery shake for sports performance. Thanks to the shake, all harmful substances, such as lactic acid, are eliminated.
What is the importance of an amino acid for athletes?
"Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, and proteins play a crucial role in numerous physiological processes in the body. For athletes, amino acids are particularly important due to their diverse functions that contribute to muscle building, recovery, and overall performance. Here are some functions of amino acids for athletes:"
  1. Muscle Building and Recovery: Amino acids are essential for protein synthesis, which, in turn, is crucial for muscle building and recovery. Particularly, the so-called 'essential amino acids' cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from diet. They play a key role in repairing and building muscle tissue after intense physical exertion.
  2. Energy Production: Amino acids can, under certain conditions, be converted into energy. This can be particularly relevant during prolonged or intense workouts when the glycogen stores in the muscles become depleted.
  3. Immune System Support: Intensive physical activity can temporarily weaken the immune system. Some amino acids, such as glutamine, are involved in supporting the immune system, which can help reduce the risk of infections and illnesses.
What is the importance of salts and minerals?
Salts and minerals play a crucial role in the overall health and performance of athletes. These substances, also known as electrolytes, are essential for various bodily functions and can be lost during physical activity through sweating. Here are some reasons why salts and minerals are important for athletes:
  1. Fluid Balance: Electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, help maintain fluid balance in the body. During exercise, excessive sweating can lead to the loss of these electrolytes, which may result in dehydration if not replenished.
  2. Muscle Function: Calcium, potassium, and sodium are crucial for normal muscle function. A proper electrolyte balance is essential to prevent muscle cramps and weakness.
  3. Nerve Function: Electrolytes are involved in transmitting nerve impulses in the body. A balanced electrolyte status is crucial for effective communication between nerve cells, which is important for muscle contraction and coordination.
  4. Energy Production: Various minerals, including magnesium, are involved in cellular-level energy production. Adequate energy production is crucial for sports performance.
  5. Recovery after Exertion: After exercising, it is important to replenish lost electrolytes to promote recovery. This helps reduce muscle soreness, fatigue, and maintains a healthy electrolyte level.
  6. Prevention of Hyponatremia: During prolonged exertion, excessive water intake without sufficient electrolyte intake can lead to hyponatremia, a serious condition where the sodium concentration in the blood becomes too low.
Athletes can replenish electrolytes by consuming sports drinks, dietary supplements, or by eating foods naturally rich in these minerals. It is important to pay attention to individual needs, depending on the intensity and duration of physical activity, climate, and individual factors such as body weight and sweat level. It is recommended to seek advice from a nutritionist or health professional for personalized guidance.
What is the difference between Leucine and a Recovery shake?
Leucine helps to recover your muscles and build your endurance during small, non-intensive efforts. A recovery shake is designed for recovery after longer, more intensive exertion.
Who is co-founder Kristof De Kegel?
Kristof De Kegel, the Head of Performance at the renowned cycling team Alpecin-Deceuninck and the women's team Fenix-Deceuninck, is also the passionate exercise physiologist behind the innovative Neapharma products. Among the list of athletes are Mathieu van Der Poel, Wout Van Aert, Puck Pieterse, and Stijn De Volder. Together with sports dietitian Kjell De Potter, Kristof consistently strives for the ultimate support of athletes through the development and testing of cutting-edge supplements and their application. Kristof and Kjell are also the developers of the Free Fuel Plan App, where you can create your own sports nutrition plan by combining 6 carbohydrates with each other.
Did you collaborated with Cyclist Mathieu Van der Poel
We collaborated during the period when Mathieu discovered his strength on the road. Mathieu, three-time world champion Sanne Cant, and the entire Corendon team extensively used and contributed to the further development of our products. During that time, we found that using the Pro-Elite Recovery for an extended period also leads to increased strength and wattage, thanks to the thorough recovery that follows the shake. We maintain a close connection with this team, as Kristof De Kegel, co-owner of Neapharma, also serves as the performance manager for the Alpecin-Fenix cycling team.
Are single doses of powders and bars available?
Yes, you can purchase each product individually. On each product page, you will see 'quantity discount.' By default, this is set to the most favorable price. If you select '1 piece' there, you can buy 1 bar, 1 shot isotonic, or 1 shot recovery.