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OMEGA 3 BOOST (180 caps)

  • Pure Omega 3 (100% fish oil), super-concentrated for maximum effectiveness
  • Powerful 1000 mg capsules for high energy levels, improved concentration, and increased endurance
  • Enhances your resistance to diseases and injuriesAccelerates your metabolism, making it easier to burn fat
  • Supports your muscles, joints, and bones
  • Promotes muscle building and recovery for maintaining your fitness
  • Actively combats inflammation
  • High-quality composition of 1050mg EPA, 750mg DHA (daily dose)
  • EPA and DHA in the most absorbable ratio (latest formula)
  • 180 capsules for 26.99, competitively priced
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Ik gebruik omega 3 al een lange periode. In de winter helpt het mijn weerstand, in de zomer gebruik ik het voornamelijk voor mijn gewrichten soepel te houden.

Volkwin De Smedt

Rating: 5/5

geverifieerde koper

Omega 3-boost is a professional omega-3 supplement based on high-quality 100% fish oil. You can rely on it for rapid recovery after training and minimal muscle pain: the dream of every athlete! Omega 3-boost works well for endurance and strength athletes, but due to its positive effects on the body in general, it is also suitable for non-athletes. We have neatly outlined everything about the effects of fish oil and what you can expect from it in this article.

  • 100% pure fish oil 100%
    100% pure fish oil 100%
  • Newest composition: 1050mg EPA - 750mg DHA! 100%
    Newest composition: 1050mg EPA - 750mg DHA! 100%

The daily consumption of at least 250mg of docosahexaenoic acid contributes to a stronger body. Omega 3-boost helps you maintain a high energy level, better concentration, and endurance. Additionally, it supports your heart, improves your resistance to diseases and injuries, and helps keep your muscles, joints, and bones in good condition. As an extra benefit, it also ensures a healthy metabolism and improved fat burning.

This is a high-dose and high-concentration product with 100% pure fish oil. We provide you with high-quality omega-3 in its purest form, so you can experience all the positive effects of omega-3.

How to use?

Take Omega 3-boost daily. You will experience the most significant effects of this product when you use it regularly. It not only enhances your athletic performance and metabolism but also supports the functioning of your heart and helps maintain the health of your muscles, joints, and bones.

Actually, this is just like Vitamin D3: you can use Omega 3 throughout the entire year. Whether you’re an athlete or not. Personally, I find the ‘anti-inflammatory’ and the impact on the brain to be the biggest advantage. But, of course, people with less flexible joints naturally take this because it quickly and effectively helps maintain flexible joints and tendons.

– Kristof De Kegel

Per dagdosis / Par dose journalière / Per daily dose (=3 caps)
Visolie / Huile de poison / Fish oil3000mg

280+ Reviews

Rating: 5/5
Based on over 280 recent reviews, customers give us an average rating of 9.2 out of 10.
geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5
5 weken geleden kocht ik deze omega 3 visolie. Hij bevalt mij het allerbeste van veel soorten die ik eerder heb geprobeerd. Ik heb geen enkel naar ‘vis-boertje’ gelaten. Bij andere merken is dit wel het geval.

Mister Burms

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“Ik kies deze voor de nieuwe verhouding epa”

Ik koop deze capsules vanwege de juiste verhouding die er in de capsules zit.. Ik voel vooral dat mijn gewrichten soepeler zijn dan mocht ik deze niet nemen.

Volkwin De Smedt

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“Fitter bij vochtig weer!”

Ik ben zeer tevreden over deze Omega 3 . Het zit in een mooie pot die makkelijk is in gebruik. Sinds dat ik de Omega 3 gebruik voel ik me een stuk fitter! Een aanrader voor iedereen die actief sport en duursport doet in verschillende weercondities.

Carole Leijman

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“Ik gebruik dit 10 maanden per jaar.”

“Ik gebruik omega 3 al een lange periode. In de winter helpt het mijn weerstand, in de zomer gebruik ik het voornamelijk voor mijn gewrichten soepel te houden.”

Volkwin De Smedt

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 5/5

“De werking en het resultaat is de grootste troef.”

“de werking en het resultaat is de grootste troef. ik wissel de leucine en de recovery met elkaar af na m'n trainingen en voel echt toename aan kracht. Iets wat ik eigenlijk anders nooit voel bij herstel producten.”

Michiel Nijs

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Belgian/scientific composition/ingredients.”

Hans , Cycling and running

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Tasty and affordable.”

frank , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
“Smaak is echt lekker!”

frank , Triatlon

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 3/5
“I'm a big fan of the leucine  ”

Kenny , Cycling

geverifieerde koper
Rating: 4/5
Good taste and doesn't stick. Little to no stomach discomfort.

Robbe , Triathlon


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Sometimes, discount codes of 5% can be combined with 'quantity discount' promotions on the website. Other discount codes cannot be combined. Neapharma products represent quality and are worth their price. That's why our prices are what they are. Do you have a discount code larger than 5%? Then it is advisable to add your product without quantity discount to your shopping cart and select the desired quantity under quantity. This way, you add your products at full price to your shopping cart, where you can calculate the best price with your discount code.
From what age can I take supplements?
We often get asked if our supplements can also be used by children. The answer to this is actually simple: yes. All Neapharma products are perfectly suitable for children. However, we would like to emphasize that moderation is key. We also do not advocate for children using recovery shakes or Omega 3 (they are not exactly cheap either). Of course, it is better to give a child an isotonic sports drink during exertion. The body can use an extra boost during any physical activity, and children do sweat as well. Some 13-year-olds even engage in quite intense training for their age, making sports nutrition a necessity for them too. However, if your child is going for a leisurely bike ride for an hour, there is no reason to equip them like a professional athlete.
Why neapharma
💣💣💣 We combine 6 different carbohydrates for a tangible effect. It is a new method to quickly and completely access your maximum strength and endurance during exercise without experiencing energy dips.
💣💣 Personalize your sports nutrition (or not)!
At Neapharma, we combine our Superior sports nutrition with our own Fuel Plan App. But that's not a requirement! You can use each Neapharma product individually: an energy gel, recovery shake, or isotonic drink. Alternatively, you can personalize your sports nutrition with Kristof De Kegel's Fuel Plan App. Using your energy consumption, temperature, sweat profile, and 28 other parameters, you can customize your isotonic drink and carbohydrate intake, with assistance from our free Fuel Plan App.
💣 Superior products with ultra-fast absorption.
Neapharma combines science with the experience of Top Performance coach Kristof De Kegel. The products feature ultra-high concentrations of the highest quality ingredients for a tangible effect. The key ingredients are absorbed first, in the most optimal proportions, for maximum effectiveness.
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