Hydro & ORS sticks


  • The most important salts, minerals and electrolytes due to the fact that the Pro Isotonic are warm conditions
  • High-quality dosage in the best absorbable form
  • Low-calorie sticks where you choose whether you use it as Hydro or ORS.
  • pH neutral
  • Tasteless, fits every Pro Isotonic flavour
  • 15 sticks per box

We often focus on the intake of energy (carbohydrates) to support our body as optimally as possible during an effort. What concerns many less, however, is the fluid balance of the body. A disturbed fluid balance results in 40% to 60% reduced absorption of energy (carbohydrates), causes cramps and reduces strength. This balanced mix of the most important salts, minerals and electrolytes keeps your fluid & salt balance on the right track in warm or prolonged conditions.


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