Pro Boost Gel

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  • 60mg caffeine (alertness)
  • Extremely fast-acting: quick boost in 3 minutes
  • Delivers powerful energy from minute 3 to ~45
  • High injection of carbohydrates (33 g total) for MAX effect
  • 3 types of carbohydrates, staggered uptake for steady strength
  • 2:1 glucose – fructose ratio for 30% more energy per hour
  • Not sticky in the mouth, easy-open packaging
  • Easily digestible, pH-neutral
  • Tasty cola flavor

This innovative performance gel contains an impressive 33 grams of carbohydrates, made up of three types that all absorb at varying rates. This means you’ll feel its highly energetic effects from minute 3 to ~45, depending on the effort and your body type. In addition, its 2:1 glucose to fructose ratio further ensures for both 30% more energy per hour and for MAX absorption. This is an absolute MUST for endurance athletes. This gel also contains valuable minerals (Potassium and Sodium) to replenish minerals used by the body and excreted through sweating.

With 60mg caffeine you will feel an increase in alertness and attention. Ideal to ‘open everything up’ for the final or a weak moment.

Ordered before 5 pm, delivered tomorrow (BE / NL) or within two days (EU)
Free shipment for €40 orders.
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