Pro Sport Fruit

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  • 20g carbohydrates, ideal in combination with Pro isotonic, Pro Energy gels or Pro Energy bars
  • 100% isomaltulose composition for a long-lasting effect without energy dips
  • Soft texture that is easy to swallow and does not stick
  • 50% real fruit
  • Promotes fat burning during exercise
  • Extra salts to replenish salt reserves

Energy fruits often cause a quick spike in the sugar level, causing a dip after 15 minutes. By using a high-quality source of carbohydrates, ie isomaltulose,  energy dips are prevented with the Pro Sport Fruits. The composition ensures energy lasts extra long. A Pro Sport Fruit is ideal to replace a Pro Energy bar, or as a supplement to the Pro Isotonic and Bars to build up to an energy intake of 100 carbohydrates per hour.



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