What is the difference between Hydro and O.R.S. sticks?

Little. 1 Hydro stick adds extra salts and minerals to your isotonic drink. 2 Hydro sticks, of course, do the same, but then the ratio of your substances is so optimal that you are talking about an O.R.S. ratio. Often, it is not necessary to add 2 sticks, and 1 (Hydro, in this case) is already sufficient.


During prolonged exertion, you sweat out fluids and electrolytes. As a result, your fluid and salt balance will no longer be in balance, leading to a loss of performance. The Pro Elite Hydro sticks contain a low-calorie blend of essential salts, minerals, and electrolytes to maintain your fluid and salt balance.


With a double dosage (2 sticks in 500ml water/Pro Isotonic), an ‘Oral Rehydration Solution (=ORS)’ is created. This concentration contains 7.5g of glucose (maltodextrin) and 900mg of sodium. The combination of sodium and glucose in a hypotonic solution maximizes fluid absorption in the small intestine. The ideal solution for athletes who sweat a lot.