Become a Neapharma Team

Fuelled by Neapharma!

Neapharma is on a mission to help athletes successfully push beyond their limits and amaze themselves while taking on great challenges. That’s why we’re looking for ambitious teams and clubs who want to optimally support their athletes, along with Neapharma, in realizing their dreams.

We are looking for teams and clubs in various endurance sports disciplines for unique collaborations. In these exclusive collaborations we share our expertise, give discounts and push beyond our limits – together. This latter bit of pushing boundaries together we also want to share on social media to inspire others. Because seeing sports inspires others to do sports, and that’s where it all starts!

We’re looking for teams/clubs with 💦💦💦

  • Ambition, always seeking improvement and innovation
  • Members who are actively involved in their sport
  • Members who practice their sport with passion
  • Members active on social media who like to share their sporting adventures online

As a Neapharma “Team Member”, you get the best products at the best possible price for your club and its members. WIN-WIN!

Benefits of working together with Neapharma 🤔

1. Safe Products: Anti-Doping Charter

All our products are tested for banned substances such as anabolic steroids, corticoids, tetra-hydro-gestrinone (THG), nandrolone and MDMA (ecstasy), and so on. For this, we work together with LGC – a World Anti-Doping Agency approved lab. They are capable of detecting steroids up to 10ng/g and other stimulants up to 100ng/g. In collaboration with international athletes (who cannot run the risk of contaminated products), we have been doing this for several years now.


2. The Discount

Once a year we allow a group purchase with the one-time discount of 40%

  • This way your team/club can stock up to start the season.
  • So athletes can test the products before the “big day”.

Throughout the season, everyone in the team/club continues to enjoy a 20% discount through the webshop.

3. The Expertise

Once a year there is an information evening for your team/club (online) where everyone gets tips and advice on sports nutrition and training. This way you discover how you can get more out of your body as an athlete by using the right sports nutrition. We openly share our experience and expertise without any commercial message.

4. The Products

  • During the season, everything can be ordered via the webshop and sent via Bpost (delivery within a maximum of 2 working days). This is for both the team/club and athletes.
  • Athletes are the first to get the chance to try out new products that are in their testing phase.
  • Athletes can provide valuable feedback to further refine our products.
  • There is a free introductory package for everyone to get to know the products.